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Tropicana Brown Rug

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Tropicana Brown Rug

Sizes & Prices:
70x140cm - 2'3''x4'6'' -: £75.00
90x160cm - 3'x5'2'' - : £115.00
120x180cm - 4'x6' -: £165.00
140x200cm - 4'7''x6'6'' -: £215.00
170x240cm - 5'6''x7'9'' -: £310.00
200x300cm - 6'6''x9'9'' -: £460.00
From: £75.00

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From: £75.00
Colour Chocolate Brown Background with Multi-Coloured Design.
Fabric 71% Polyester 20% Espirelle Acrylic 9% Shiny Acrylic.
Origin Designed by Arte Espina Design House in Holland. Handtufted in China.


This item comes from Arte Espina’s Popular Rugs collection, which features a range of hand-tufted Espirelle acrylic carpets crafted to the highest standards. The range also features hand-carved rugs, textured rugs, and stunning shaped rugs. The popular collection is a modern designer and trendy collection of rugs, which uses strong vivid colours to maximum effect. Designed by Arte Espina’s design house in Holland.

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