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Aryana Khorjea Rug

This item is part of the Darya Rugs collection, which is a range of hand-knotted wool carpets inspired by the culture-rich lands of the Near East. The collection features an array of rugs with all the colour and flavour of fine tribal Asian art. In addition, the rugs are made of antique washed wool, which is soft to the touch and accommodates modern colours with tribal designs. Please note that where a design is listed in multiple sizes, each piece will follow the same design style and colouring but will vary slightly in the detailed execution due to size changes.

Sizes & Prices

  • 100 x 144cm (3ft2' x 4ft7'): £550.00
  • 120 x 170cm (4ft x 5ft7'): £760.00
  • 150 x 200cm (5ft x 6ft7'): £1,125.00
  • 168 x 244cm (5ft6' x 8ft): £1,550.00
  • 172 x 229cm (5ft6' x 7ft5'): £1,350.00
  • 207 x 290cm (6ft9' x 9ft6'): £2,175.00
  • 270 x 360cm (8ft10' x 11ft10'): £3,950.00
From £550.00
100% Wool.
Handmade in Afghanistan.

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