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Pali Nero Circle Rug

This item is part of the Girona Round Rugs range, which is a collection of stunning and luxurious pure European leather circular carpets. The rugs feature natural leather originating from Normandy and Brittany, which is truly soft and very durable. Designs include the ever popular patchwork, the elegant stripes, and the geometrically inspired, the Girona range designs and colours are unrivaled by any others in their class. In addition to being absolutely crafted to perfection, the rugs can also be customised in terms of sizes, colours and even the sizes of the squares (where applicable).

Sizes & Prices

  • 120cm (4ft Circle): £400.00
  • 150cm (5ft Circle): £550.00
  • 180cm (6ft Circle): £750.00
  • 200cm (6ft7' Circle): £950.00
  • 250cm (8ft2' Circle): £1,425.00
  • 300cm (9ft10' Circle): £2,025.00
From £400.00
Black, Grey & White.
100% Leather.
Handmade in Spain.
1.7 kg
Pile Height
2 mm

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Estimated delivery
8 - 10 Weeks

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