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Designer Rugs

Our designer rugs collection features a luxurious range of soft and beautifully designed rugs. The collection also features high-end designer rug options with textured surfaces woven with a luxurious yarn and to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Many of our luxury designer rugs additionally feature a multi-level construction whereby the pile has two height levels for extra texture and a lush feel underfoot. These rugs and runners are of the highest quality in modern rug design, many of which are associated with internationally recognised name brands. Whether you are looking for designer labels like Brink & Campman, Arte Espina of Holland, Pierre Cardin or Swarovski, you will find them all at The Rugs Warehouse.

Designer Rugs Finder

Preview the Luxor Swarovski collection

Luxor Swarovski Luxor Swarovski

Preview the Kodari Rugs collection

Kodari Rugs Kodari Rugs

Preview the Pure Rugs collection

Pure Rugs Pure Rugs

Preview the The Popular Collection collection

The Popular Collection The Popular Collection

Preview the The Spec Collection collection

The Spec Collection The Spec Collection

Preview the The Contemporary collection

The Contemporary The Contemporary

Preview the Pavilion Rugs collection

Pavilion Rugs Pavilion Rugs

Preview the Pride Rugs collection

Pride Rugs Pride Rugs

Preview the The Graphical Collection collection

The Graphical Collection The Graphical Collection

Preview the Fusion Rugs collection

Fusion Rugs Fusion Rugs

Preview the Girona Rugs collection

Girona Rugs Girona Rugs

Preview the Spheric Rugs collection

Spheric Rugs Spheric Rugs

Preview the Young Spirit Collection collection

Young Spirit Collection Young Spirit Collection

Preview the Rattan Rugs collection

Rattan Rugs Rattan Rugs

Preview the Milano Rugs collection

Milano Rugs Milano Rugs

Preview the Rocks Rugs collection

Rocks Rugs Rocks Rugs

Preview the The Borders Collection collection

The Borders Collection The Borders Collection

Preview the Tingri Rugs collection

Tingri Rugs Tingri Rugs

Preview the Pepper Rugs collection

Pepper Rugs Pepper Rugs

Preview the Xian Rugs collection

Xian Rugs Xian Rugs

Preview the Dolce Rugs collection

Dolce Rugs Dolce Rugs

Preview the San Francisco Rugs collection

San Francisco Rugs San Francisco Rugs

Preview the Oriental Lounge Rugs collection

Oriental Lounge Rugs Oriental Lounge Rugs

Preview the AnnaV Rugs collection

AnnaV Rugs AnnaV Rugs

Preview the Pioneer Rugs collection

Pioneer Rugs Pioneer Rugs

Preview the Sculptured Rugs collection

Sculptured Rugs Sculptured Rugs

Preview the Outdoor Rugs collection

Outdoor Rugs Outdoor Rugs

Preview the Colour in Motion Rugs collection

Colour in Motion Rugs Colour in Motion Rugs

Preview the Tibet Kilim Rugs collection

Tibet Kilim Rugs Tibet Kilim Rugs

Preview the Himali Rugs collection

Himali Rugs Himali Rugs

Preview the Luna Rugs collection

Luna Rugs Luna Rugs

Preview the Etna Rugs collection

Etna Rugs Etna Rugs

Preview the Colour in Motion Circle Rugs collection

Colour in Motion Circle Rugs Colour in Motion Circle Rugs

Preview the Hamptons Rugs collection

Hamptons Rugs Hamptons Rugs

Preview the Allo Rugs collection

Allo Rugs Allo Rugs

Preview the Lounge Rugs collection

Lounge Rugs Lounge Rugs

Preview the Gravel Rugs collection

Gravel Rugs Gravel Rugs

Preview the Brainstorm Rugs collection

Brainstorm Rugs Brainstorm Rugs

Preview the Amsterdam Rugs collection

Amsterdam Rugs Amsterdam Rugs

Preview the Planet Rugs collection

Planet Rugs Planet Rugs

Preview the Grafik Rugs collection

Grafik Rugs Grafik Rugs

Preview the Tokyo Rugs collection

Tokyo Rugs Tokyo Rugs

Preview the Sydney Rugs collection

Sydney Rugs Sydney Rugs

Preview the Pebbles Rugs collection

Pebbles Rugs Pebbles Rugs

Preview the On the Rocks Rugs collection

On the Rocks Rugs On the Rocks Rugs

Preview the Annapurna Rugs collection

Annapurna Rugs Annapurna Rugs

Preview the Jules Wabbes Rugs collection

Jules Wabbes Rugs Jules Wabbes Rugs

Preview the Bali Rugs collection

Bali Rugs Bali Rugs

Preview the Bamboo Rugs collection

Bamboo Rugs Bamboo Rugs

Preview the Kilimanjaro Rugs collection

Kilimanjaro Rugs Kilimanjaro Rugs

Preview the Silky Rugs collection

Silky Rugs Silky Rugs

Preview the Paris Rugs collection

Paris Rugs Paris Rugs

Preview the Mic-Mac Rugs collection

Mic-Mac Rugs Mic-Mac Rugs

Preview the Diversity Rugs collection

Diversity Rugs Diversity Rugs

Preview the Sydney Rugs collection

Sydney Rugs Sydney Rugs

Preview the Eden Rugs collection

Eden Rugs Eden Rugs

Preview the Star Rugs collection

Star Rugs Star Rugs

Preview the Loft Rugs collection

Loft Rugs Loft Rugs

Preview the Pacifica Rugs collection

Pacifica Rugs Pacifica Rugs

Preview the Up-Cycle Rugs collection

Up-Cycle Rugs Up-Cycle Rugs

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