Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are considered to be the most desirable handmade carpets as the weaving technique is an art form requiring a high level of skill and time. The process of creating a hand-knotted rug is an intricate and labour intensive one, where the artisan first creates a foundation of warps (threads running vertically up and down) and then ties rows of knots (which become the pile of the rug), supplemented by rows of wefts (to keep the knots in place). By varying the knot style, colours and textures of the yarn, the weaver can craft colourful patterns or opt for a plainer design. The higher the number of knots, the more lush the end result. Here at The Rugs Warehouse you will find a large selection of hand-knotted traditional, modern and luxury rugs. The majority of our hand-knotted range is made by skilled craftsmen in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Although, most frequently, a pure wool yarn is used, often silk, cotton, viscose, bamboo silk or hemp is added to the yarn to vary the texture and look of the pile. A hand-knotted rug undoubtedly adds a touch of luxury to your décor.

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