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Classic Rugs

The Classics section of The Rugs Warehouse contains a range of rugs and runners boasting designs that have stood the test of time. Here you will find highly recognizable and famous Persian rugs and Oriental rugs - true Classics that are always in fashion. The designs range from the famous Kashan rugs and Ziegler rugs to the classic bordered designs through tribal rugs and the several variations of the Bukhara design. Many of our rugs and runners also feature the classic European interpretations of Oriental rugs, which have become known as Neo-Classic rugs designs. All of the Classic rugs and runners come in a huge variety of sizes, including very large rugs for big spaces.

Classic Rugs Finder

Preview the Kashqai Rugs collection

Kashqai Rugs Kashqai Rugs

Preview the Antique Rugs collection

Antique Rugs Antique Rugs

Preview the Gabbeh Rugs collection

Gabbeh Rugs Gabbeh Rugs

Preview the Afghan Rugs collection

Afghan Rugs Afghan Rugs

Preview the Noble Art Rugs collection

Noble Art Rugs Noble Art Rugs

Preview the Wagutchi Rugs collection

Wagutchi Rugs Wagutchi Rugs

Preview the Harlequin Rugs collection

Harlequin Rugs Harlequin Rugs

Preview the Diamond Rugs collection

Diamond Rugs Diamond Rugs

Preview the Mosel Rugs collection

Mosel Rugs Mosel Rugs

Preview the Gazani Agra Rugs collection

Gazani Agra Rugs Gazani Agra Rugs

Preview the Taj Agra Classic Rugs collection

Taj Agra Classic Rugs Taj Agra Classic Rugs

Preview the Royal Classic Rugs collection

Royal Classic Rugs Royal Classic Rugs

Preview the Zaida Rugs collection

Zaida Rugs Zaida Rugs

Preview the Oriental Dream Rugs collection

Oriental Dream Rugs Oriental Dream Rugs

Preview the Isfahan Rugs collection

Isfahan Rugs Isfahan Rugs

Preview the Illusions Rugs collection

Illusions Rugs Illusions Rugs

Preview the Classica Rugs collection

Classica Rugs Classica Rugs

Preview the Bessarab Rugs collection

Bessarab Rugs Bessarab Rugs

Preview the Tabris Rugs collection

Tabris Rugs Tabris Rugs

Preview the Royal Rugs collection

Royal Rugs Royal Rugs

Preview the Murat Rugs collection

Murat Rugs Murat Rugs

Preview the Kashmir Rugs collection

Kashmir Rugs Kashmir Rugs

Preview the Ziegler Rugs collection

Ziegler Rugs Ziegler Rugs

Preview the Sincerity Rugs collection

Sincerity Rugs Sincerity Rugs

Preview the Kendra Rugs collection

Kendra Rugs Kendra Rugs

Preview the Nain Rugs collection

Nain Rugs Nain Rugs

Preview the Heritage Rugs collection

Heritage Rugs Heritage Rugs

Preview the Sumak Kelim Rugs collection

Sumak Kelim Rugs Sumak Kelim Rugs

Preview the Kazak Kelim Rugs collection

Kazak Kelim Rugs Kazak Kelim Rugs

Preview the Savoy Rugs collection

Savoy Rugs Savoy Rugs

Preview the Chatsworth Rugs collection

Chatsworth Rugs Chatsworth Rugs

Preview the Caucasian Rugs collection

Caucasian Rugs Caucasian Rugs

Preview the Orient  Classic Rugs collection

Orient Classic Rugs Orient  Classic Rugs

Preview the Kingston Rugs collection

Kingston Rugs Kingston Rugs

Preview the Native Rugs collection

Native Rugs Native Rugs

Preview the Up-Cycle Rugs collection

Up-Cycle Rugs Up-Cycle Rugs

Preview the Other Classic Rugs collection

Other Classic Rugs Other Classic Rugs


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