Aqcha Rugs

Aqcha Collection is a range of heavyweight Indo-Kazak style rugs featuring a soft 100% wool pile. Hand-knotted in Afghanistan, Aqchas can be grouped into roughly 3 distinct pattern styles: Camel Foot (small motif), Elephant Foot (large motif) and Chinagul (diamond motif). These rugs have short antique fringes, which gives them authenticity of traditionally woven rugs from that area of the world. Similar to the popular Pakistani Bokhara Rugs, Aqchas are timeless old-world designs that make great statement pieces for both contemporary and traditional décor homes. (Note: Aqcha Red Rugs (with the elephant foot pattern) are available in a variety of sizes. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in the motif layout and number of rows (usually 1 row in runner sizes, 2 or more in area rugs depending on size).


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