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Casa Silver Midnight Rug

This item is part of the Metropolis Rugs collection, which is a range of stylish, luxurious, and chic modern bordered carpets. The collection features an array of weaving styles, materials, and designs, all with the common characteristic of a four-sided stitched border. This type of rug is the champion of ‘simplicity in design’, where you can get that elegant look without a complicated design. Furthermore, all the rugs within the Metropolis collection are fully customizable upon request.

Sizes & Prices

  • 120 x 180cm (4ft x 6ft): £405.00
  • 160 x 230cm (5ft3' x 7ft7'): £595.00
  • 180 x 270cm (6ft x 8ft10'): £750.00
  • 200 x 250cm (6ft7' x 8ft4'): £755.00
  • 200 x 300cm (6ft7' x 9ft10'): £875.00
  • 200cm (6ft7' Square): £635.00
  • 250 x 300cm (8ft2' x 9ft10'): £1,050.00
  • 250 x 350cm (8ft2' x 11ft6'): £1,175.00
  • 250cm (8ft2' Square): £895.00
  • 300 x 400cm (9ft10' x 13ft2'): £1,525.00
  • 300cm (9ft10' Square): £1,200.00
From £405.00
Silver, Graphite & Dark Blue.
Sisal Interior & Cotton Border.
Made in England.