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Romin Gold Teal Rug

This item is part of the Stella Rugs range, which is a luxurious collection of modern wool blend rugs. Made using a blend of wool and recycled bottles (PET), the rugs feature a pleasant textured feel and a very dense and soft body. Further, each rug also features a nice blend of colours in a range of abstract and elegant designs suitable for any room setting.

Sizes & Prices

  • 80 x 140cm (2ft7' x 4ft8'): £149.00
  • 135 x 200cm (4ft5' x 6ft7'): £359.00
  • 160 x 230cm (5ft3' x 7ft7'): £495.00
  • 200 x 290cm (6ft7' x 9ft6'): £825.00
  • 240 x 340cm (7ft11' x 11ft2'): £1,105.00
From £149.00
Ivory, Grey, Teal & Gold.
65% Wool & 35% PET.
Made in Belgium.
2.95 kg
Pile Height
9 mm