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Manali Vanilla Rug

This item is part of The Borders Rugs Collection, which is a stunning range of Nepalese-woven hand-knotted carpets made of pure new wool. The rugs in this collection are super heavyweight and feature simple modern bordered designs in a variety of colours. In addition, the rugs are made to the highest standards of quality using only the finest craftsmanship.

Sizes & Prices

  • 70 x 140cm (2ft4' x 4ft8'): £130.00
  • 90 x 160cm (3ft x 5ft3') : £170.00
  • 120 x 180cm (4ft x 6ft): £235.00
  • 140 x 200cm (4ft8' x 6ft7'): £295.00
  • 170 x 240cm (5ft7' x 7ft11'): £420.00
  • 200 x 300cm (6ft7' x 9ft10'): £610.00
  • 250 x 300cm (8ft2' x 9ft10'): £795.00
  • 250 x 350cm (8ft2' x 11ft6'): £895.00
From £130.00
Vanilla, Beige, Pink & Gold.
100% Pure New Wool.
Handmade in Nepal.
3.6 kg
Pile Height
15 mm

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